Visual & Performing Artists Celebrate Networking

Artist INC Argenta completed its second session of eight weekly workshops held at Art Connection on November 3, 2014. Participants explored the curriculum of best business practices (budgeting, marketing, legal questions, web design, grants), shared art work and enjoyed new friendships over post-session drinks at Creegan’s. Sponsor Donna Hardcastle (Argenta Arts Foundation) and facilitator Kandy Jones organized the sessions, which were facilitated by Judy Goss, Kevin Kresse, Matt McLeod, Kristina Marinova and Dominique Simmons. With Artist INC Oklahoma City, Argenta’s program was initiated last year as an extension of Artist INC Kansas City. Participants are chosen annually from a pool of applicants. Bring on the next class: September, 2015!

For more information, go to Artist Inc. Argenta on Facebook.

2014 Artist Inc Argenta fellows





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