73 pp., Drama

4 W, 1 M – 2010 (revised 2014)


As the “big sister,” Lou tries to manage care for her and Kate’s aging widowed mother, Vivian, whose physical and psychological needs have become more burdensome to her. Lou persuades Kate to take Vivian to Lou’s new cottage on the beach, assuring her that Lou’s friend Juanita, a social worker, will join them and assess Vivian’s health. Ever fractious, especially with her more critical daughter Kate, Vivian resists help and threatens to leave by cab. Lou awakes at midnight to shouts from her son Johnny. Fleeing a calamity on his job, he arrived at the cottage to be shocked by Vivian’s dancing on the beach. Anxious to master the role reversal into a “parent’s parent” and stretched to handle Vivian’s health emergency and Johnny’s struggles, Lou grasps for knots of love to keep the troubled family tied.

> 15 Page Excerpt

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