The Bottle Imp

Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Bottle Imp”

5 M/ 3 W (24 characters), 35 pp.

© 2000, revised 2012


Wanderlust and desire for wealth lead Hawaiian mariner, Keawe, to acquire a magical bottle in San Francisco. The bottle’s imp grants all wishes, but, because the bottle’s owner will be damned to hell, Keawe rids himself of it after building his “Bright House” overlooking the sea on his native island. When fate threatens his approaching marriage to Kokua, he madly seeks the bottle again, accepting its curse as well as temporary joy. Romance fails to heal his sick soul, and his bride launches an adventure to remove the bottle imp from their lives. Keawe and Kokua, willing to sacrifice their souls for love, are determined to protect each other from doom.

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