“Mrs. Miniver” Plays to Enthusiastic Audiences!


The fleeting magic of theatre! Goodbye Belham, Starlings and Mrs. Miniver! Thanks Argenta Community Theater, sponsors, cast, crews, and responsive audiences. As Elder Judy says when bidding the audience farewell, “I won’t forget the pleasure of sharing the day(s) with you” there.

Almost 2,000 people filled the ACT house for a limited 10-performance run from July 21-Aug. 1. They were captivated by the story, amazed by the staging upon a stunning set, and fully entertained by the actors and musicians. Their laughs were hearty, and their tears were sincere. They identified with the English villagers who tried to maintain their lives against Germany’s increasing threats seventy-five years ago. They identified with both the humor and pain that accompany changes wrought by war. Theatre provides the intimacy and shared experience that such a story needs to soar in audience hearts today.  RL4A5292 RL4A5303 RL4A5340





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RL4A5510Bravo ACT founders and producers Vincent Insalaco and Judy Kohn Tenenbaum! Vincent fulfilled your shared vision with inspired directing. Bravo Maggie Simpson (stage manager), Sara Cooke (set design and technical director), Joe O’Hara (set engineer), Dena Kimberling (lighting design), Jackson Reinhardt (lighting engineer), Zachary Ingersol and Mark Nelson (sound design), Holly Payne (costume design), Robert Pickens (wig design), and Kurt Kennedy (music direction and conductor).

Thanks Warner Brothers Pictures, Turner Entertainment Co. and the Jan Struther Estate for the special arrangements permitting the premiere stage adaptation of the classic story and film Mrs. Miniver.

The 27-member acting ensemble was uniformly excellent. Led by Paige Reynolds as a charming and compelling Kay Miniver, Michael Klucher, Bradford Harper, Grace and Corbin Pitts created her lovable family: Clem, Vin, Judy and Toby. Other memorable principals were Patti Airoldi and Hailey Weiner as Lady Beldon and her granddaughter Carol, Sheila Glasscock as Elder Judy, and Duane Jackson as Mr. Ballard, the trainmaster who entered his “Miniver Rose” in Lady Beldon’s flower show. Those completing the ensemble included Perry Bland, Chris Zimmerman, Laura Grimes, Roben Sullivant, Nathaniel Darbonne, Matthew Maguire, Eric Harrison, Harold Dean, Mary Ann Hansen, Jamie Stewart, David Monteith, Barry Clifton, Miki Thompson, Nancy Allen, Austin Rodgers, Kristof Waltermire, Barbara Rhodes and Greg Robinson (also dialect coach). Photos by Royce West. Photos by Royce West.


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