“Lost My Shoe to a Wallaroo!”

4 M, 5 W ‒ (September, 2013) revised 2014

On a recent spring day, five third graders and their teacher, Ms. Pedicurious, have an unusual zoo adventure. Startled by Juan, an escaped wallaroo, they learn that his kangaroo cousin, Joe, injured Juan while boxing. When Joe bounds in, guided by Cockatoo, they fear that he’ll box them all! The children lead the marsupials to make amends through games, and Cockatoo warns when the zookeeper threatens to end their fun. A scary swim accident reminds them of important health and safety habits and gives everyone a better understanding of friendship.

I’m grateful to the Hendrix Department of Theatre Arts and Dance for the invitation to be “Visiting Playwright” and collaborate on the production of my first children’s play.

About the 2013 performances at Cabe Theatre, Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas:

Professor Ann Muse directed the Hendrix Players in three performances: two elementary student matinees and an evening show for people attending Family Weekend on campus. Designers included Professor Danny Grace (scenery), Abigail Garcia-Lucas (lighting), Professor Connie Campbell (costumes), Andrew Jordan (sound), and Professor Cheri Prough DeVol was technical director. Production stage manager was Rebecca Bongiorno. The cast included: Ryan Ware (Josh), James Baxter (Kevin), Rebecca Seal (Ashley), Bridget Yelk (Liza), Allison Price (Flor), and Taylor Foreman (Ms. Pedicurious); Jackie Oakley (Juan), Bennett Chapple (Joe), Kelsey Kelly (Cockatoo), and Kasey Hodges (Zookeeper).

Production Poster

Production Poster

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