Life Science

85 pages, Drama in two acts
5 M, 2 W – 2009 (revised 2014)

Janis fights creationism to save science education for her students but fails to see the larger battle: reclaiming her life.

Energized by cancer remission and testifying at the trial of a new creation science law, Janis avoids reminders of illness by separating from her husband, Ben, and lecturing rather than listening to her daughter, Phoebe. As Phoebe complains of abandonment and splits from her boyfriend Paul, Janis rebuffs Ben’s efforts to help with their anxious daughter. When Phoebe flirts with Victor, Janis’ science monitor afflicted by serious but secret disease, Janis warns but can’t prevent Phoebe’s emotional upheaval. The teens stumble into violent confrontation, and the emergency room proves a tough environment to test how parents battling over evolution can foster their children’s independence. Drawn to embrace Phoebe and Ben again, Janis recognizes her need to survive as mother and lover, as well as teacher, and to have as much faith in relationships as in professional knowledge.



> 15 Page Excerpt

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