Life Science


91 pages, Drama in two acts

5 M, 2 W – 2009 (new draft, 2019)

Pained by her parents’ fraying marriage and her mother’s public fight against teaching creation science, Phoebe seeks independence through romance. Her passion for self-fulfillment triggers unforeseen violence between jealous boyfriends. Facing the costs that teens and parents pay for physical, psychological and spiritual survival, Phoebe discovers that every relationship, life’s essential building block, demands adaptability.


Janis Brighton 38, Teacher swearing by science

Roy Sturdivant 38, Preacher fighting for God

Paul Sturdivant 17, Student striving for achievement

Phoebe Brighton 15, Student heartened by poetry

Ben Brighton 39, Meteorologist seeking silver linings

Victor Akins 16, Science student cultivating his life

Ezekiel Akins 45, Minister leaning on science


December, 1981


Little Rock, Arkansas: including homes, the federal courthouse, a TV station, school, church and an emergency room. All seem spare against the changing sky.

“Knowledge about life is one thing; effective occupation of a place in life, with its dynamic currents passing through your being, is another.”

~William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience





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