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A Children’s Play and an Adaptation for Youth


My enthusiasm for creative dramatics and children’s theatre was renewed with a commission to write a children’s play for the Hendrix College Players’ fall production in 2013. Writing “Lost My Shoe to a Wallaroo” was a blast! See details and photos on the web site “Home” tab.

Although currently listed on the Arkansas Arts Council Arts-in-Education roster to lead scene and monologue writing with high school students, I worked with elementary students in past theatre jobs. As Theatre director at the Southeast Arkansas Arts and Science Center (1972-75), I led creative dramatics workshops with children and teens and and directed scenes from their favorite stories.

As research assistant for Project LEAD (Language Enrichment through Action Dramatics, 1975-76) at Kramer School (K-6), which was sponsored by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and directed by Dr. Bettye Caldwell, early childhood development, and Dr. Bob Yowell, theatre arts, I developed model lesson plans based on creative dramatics exercises to support literacy and curriculum for each grade. I assisted Yowell in leading activities with the children.

I was an artist-in-education through the Arkansas Arts Council (1984-86), leading creative dramatics and poetry writing workshopsForest Park Elementary, Stephens Elementary, and Woodruff Elementary in the Little Rock School District.

While a drama teacher at Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School, I was asked to adapt and direct Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Bottle Imp” for an international conference celebrating the author. My classic scenes acting students loved the story and enjoyed staging it for an appreciative audience in 2000 in Little Rock.

After retiring from Parkview, I volunteer as reading tutor at Wakefield Elementary in the Little Rock School District, remaining close to children’s books and reading interests.

See information on both scripts below:

“Lost My Shoe to a Wallaroo!”

Production Poster

Production Poster

 4 M, 6 W ‒ copyright 2013 revised 2020


The spring field trip of five third graders and their teacher, Ms. Pedicurious, becomes an unusual zoo adventure. While helping Juan, an escaped wallaroo with a hurt foot, they also meet his kangaroo cousin, Joe, and a nosy cockatoo whose shouts can alert the zookeeper to their playful shenanigans. Frolicking in the pond brings fun as well as danger, prompting all to share their talents and better understand friendship.

Lost My Shoe EXCERPT 2020

“The Bottle Imp”

 Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Bottle Imp”

5 M/ 3 W (24 characters), 35 pp.

© 2000, revised 2012


Wanderlust and desire for wealth lead Hawaiian mariner, Keawe, to acquire a magical bottle in San Francisco. The bottle’s imp grants all wishes, but, because the bottle’s owner will be damned to hell, Keawe rids himself of it after building his “Bright House” overlooking the sea on his native island. When fate threatens his approaching marriage to Kokua, he madly seeks the bottle again, accepting its curse as well as temporary joy. Romance fails to heal his sick soul, and his bride launches an adventure to remove the bottle imp from their lives. Keawe and Kokua, willing to sacrifice their souls for love, are determined to protect each other from doom.




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