First Public Reading of LIFE SCIENCE

A cast of Hendrix students and adult actors presented LIFE SCIENCE to an appreciative audience in Cabe Theatre at Hendrix College, April 6, 2013. Theatre and Dance Department chair Ann Muse directed the performance, after conducting table readings in recent months. Scarlett Smith, Marvin McLennon and Blake Tierney played high school students whose parents are in conflict over Arkansas’ “creation science” trial, held in 1981. Angelle Gremillion and Brett Carr played Phoebe’s separated parents; Tommy Diaz and Tommy Sanders were seen as opposing pastors and fathers of Victor (McClennon) and Paul (Tierney), respectively. The performers captured the humor and intensity of teens, who wish the trial could take a backseat to their struggles, and protective parents distracted by their own compulsions. The actors created a smooth ensemble: when the teens’ needs exploded, the families were forced to acknowledge the unpredictability of evolving relationships and discover how to adapt or see those bonds die.


Rev. Akins (Diaz) and son (McClennon), at home.


Rev. Akins (Diaz), Brother Sturdivant (Sanders), Phoebe (Smith) and her parents Janis (Gremillion) and Ben (Carr), outside the federal courthouse.


Victor (McClennon) and Paul (Tierney) apologize in front of Phoebe and all parents, in the emergency room.

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